The Top Game Consoles – Nintendo Wii

Even though people today are very busy with work schedules and studies, they don’t let these hectic schedules to ruin their precious time of playing games for entertainment. It’s not surprising at all because people today are more prone to stress, and this is their way of battling stress, which is why more and more people are looking for the best game consoles that they can use every day.

Game consoles have become part of our daily lives and this fact turned gaming industry into one of the most profitable industries today. Using the advanced technologies available to us today, we can play games in a much different way compared to playing games 30 years ago.

When NES or Nintendo Entertainment System was released more than 20 years ago, people considered it as the most powerful game console ever, because it has a processing power of 8-bit. The seventh generation of Nintendo’s game console called Wii uses an 800 MHz processor that allows it to process the highest resolution graphics available today.

Another great change in the way we play games is the controller that we used. Before, we are using controllers with joysticks and large buttons, and then we saw wired controllers that can be held in hand. The latest version of Nintendo’s console uses a wireless controller that tracks the gestures of the person who holds the controller. This means that you can play games using your gestures as in-game pointers.

Compared to all the top game consoles available today, Nintendo Wii is the cheapest. Being sold at $250 each, this console is definitely the best when it comes to affordability and quality of games that can be played. In fact, Wii offers some of the best games like Mario Kart and Super Mario Galaxy.

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Video Game Consoles History

Do you remember the time when you need to go to the arcade and use tokens just to play your favorite game? That was also the time when I would even skip classes just to go to arcades with my friends. Looking back to those times while comparing how games are played today really amazed me.

The video games came to life when Atari introduced their Atari 2600 in 1977. This is the first-ever video game console. During that time, this game console is very expensive and is being sold at $249 each, which is surprisingly the same price of the consoles we have today. The same year Nintendo released their first console called TV Game 6 and Midway with their Space Invaders.

In 1980 some of the classical games like Namco’s Pacman and Atari’s Asteroids were released. This is the time when everyone thought that gaming is at its peak, but things didn’t go as planned.

By 1994, massive manufacturing of substandard cartridges made this industry crash. A lot of game companies were forced to pull out and only three companies were left standing still; Nintendo, Sega, and Atari, which was in a bad shape.

In 1995, Atari was not able to maintain its good standing and was forced to move out of the scene. This is also the time when Sony emerge out of nowhere with the first-ever CD-based game console called Playstation. In order to keep up with the competition, Sega has released Saturn, while Nintendo released the last game console to use cartridges called Nintendo 64.

In mid-2000’s Microsoft entered the gaming industry with their Xbox while Sega left the industry, and is only-known today as a game console history. Up to these days, Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft are

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